Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Kooky wanted me to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. Him and the rest of the flock called it an early night tonight after all the excitement of a big Thanksgiving dinner. As always the mashed potatoes and gravy were a big hit. The green beans were a close second and a few of them actually liked the turkey. We hope that all of you and yours had a wonderful day.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Typical Sunday

Today was a typical day around here. I'm always the first one given breakfast and fresh water. Mom feels that since I was the first it's important that I get some things before the others do. After mom gives us all breakfast she takes her morning time for coffee and conversation with Dad. Finally around 9am we are all let out of our cages for the day. Everyone pretty much does their own thing during the day. Mom spends time with each of us as she goes about doing her chores for the day. We all got showers first thing this morning. Boy does Aspen hate getting wet. Today he was so bad he wouldn't let mom get her hands on him at all so instead of a nice warm shower in the sink he only got misted with warm water from the spray bottle that mom usually uses in the afternoons when she gets home from work. I helped mom do laundry today but I guess I was a little to helpful because when I kept trying to put the clothes in my mouth to help her fold she finally put me back on the playstand with Aspen.

Keely was in a mood today and spent most of her day trying to go places she's not supposed to be. Mom doesn't mind it when we get down and go to the playstands or the back of the couch but she just doesn't like for us to go to each others cages. Some of us are very possessive of our cages and will bite anyone who comes to visit. A few weeks ago Aspen and I hurt Cinder so bad that mom had to take 2 days off from work to make sure that he wouldn't start bleeding again. He's okay now but he still tries to get on our cage and we just don't like that.

Aspen got on my nerves a lot today so mom ended up separating us for awhile. This happens once in awhile. I love my little buddy dearly but there are times I just want him to leave me alone so when he won't I get testy and nip on him. We have this neat big plastic ball with holes in the side and lots of neat toys hanging from it that Dad suspended from the ceiling that we all love to play on so mom will put me or Aspen over there when we need a time out. Today was my turn to be there first and I had a great time.

It was actually pretty quiet today. I heard mom say that she's getting a sore throat and not feeling up to snuff so she didn't get a lot done and we were left to entertain ourselves for the most part today. Bedtime is at 7:00 pm because we all need lots of sleep so we are happy and not grumpy little birds.

My Not So Loyal Subjects

After mom brought me home she caught MBS (multiple bird syndrome) and before you know it my kingdom started to grow from human and feline subjects to more feathered ones too. I have nine feathered subjects now along with the four feline and two human ones. I'll probably tell you more about the feathered ones but I'm sure as time goes on I'll be mentioning the furry and human ones too.

Bert a white-front amazon was the first feathered subject to join me. She is old and crabby, but with what she went through for most of her 23 years before coming to us I can't blame here. Mom rescued her from a bad home and to this day she really doesn't care for anyone but my dad. I just leave her alone because she deserves her space. Next came Cinder, a Timneh African Grey, and my very best buddy in the whole wide world Aspen, a Jenday Conure. I know as King I'm not supposed to have favorites but I just can't help it when it comes to Aspen. After Aspen and Cinder came Mickey and Bandit two more Conures. Mickey is a Sun Conure just like me, but not as pretty :-) and Bandit is a Nanday Conure. Things quieted down around here for about 3 months but MBS struck again and mom brought home Cinnamon and Ginger who are Cinnamon Green Cheek Conures. They sure are cute but they just don't want to fit into the rest of the flock so mom has to be real careful when she lets them out or they will pick fits with the rest of us. I try to keep them in line but boy those girls sure are hard headed. After the girls came in February the very next month mom went and got Cotton a Citron Cockatoo. Even I have to admit he's a pretty cool guy and it's fun having him around so I forgave mom quickly for bringing him home. Last but not least is Keely, she is a Yellow Nape Amazon. Keely is still a baby and has only been here 2 months now so I don't know a whole lot about her but I'll fill you in as we go.

Well that's it as far as feathered subjects. Mom has promised to post pictures of everyone so you can but faces with names. Oh I guess I should tell you about my feline subjects too. There are the three Persians, Quigley, Max and Axel and one Maine Coon Cat, Lacie. The three Persians are 6 and 4 respectively so they are pretty mellow and don't bother us but that darned Lacie she's only 5 months old and she is all over the place and into everything. Luckily mom keeps a very close eye on her so she can't hurt us. I guess mom will have to post pictures of them too.

That's all I've got to say for now. What I hope to be able to do is just tell everyone about our daily life and what it's like to be King. Hopefully you all won't find my life to boring because I sure don't. I should probably warn you that mom will take over now and again to give her side of things too. She'll mainly discuss our care, safety issues and the boring stuff like that.

Hi I'm Kooky

So what can I say about me? Well I’m Kooky and I’m the King around here. Of course I don’t let on like that around Mom because she likes to think she’s the boss.

I am a Sun Conure and they say I am medium sized for a Conure. I only weigh about 98 grams and I’m about 11 or 12 inches long. Hey I may not be very big but you know what they say about dynamite coming in small packages. When I was younger I was cute but I wasn’t as handsome as I am now. My colors were basically the same but I didn’t have all this beautiful yellow on my wings like I have now, there was green on my neck and chest but that’s all gone now.

My birthday was March 19th and I turned 1 year old. I've lived with Mom & Dad since June 2006. I was not even 3 months old when mom brought me home. Can you believe only a year old I have my own little kingdom!!